Dr. Arunkumar Anandharaj is an Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Food Biotechnology at the Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur, India. He received his M.Sc in Biochemistry from Bharathidasan University, Trichy in 2000. Later on earned his Ph.D in Biochemistry from Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, South Korea. His Doctoral study was sponsored by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology – Basic Atomic Energy Research Institute (MEST-BAERI), South Korea. During his doctoral study he has identified a novel gene ‘Fused Toes Homolog’ (FTS) in Cervical Cancer and characterized it.

During his first postdoctoral program he was sponsored by Fiest-Weiller cancer center, Shreveport, USA and worked on Nutraceuticals treatment for radiosensitization of ENT cancers. His second postdoctoral program was in Masonic cancer center, Minneapolis, USA funded by NIH and worked on prevention of Lung cancer using plant based compounds. Dr. Arunkumar Anandharaj has published 11 articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored two book chapters.

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